Kyle and Mike
Kyle Monroe and Mike Kalolo are “”.

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Meeting in the fall of 1986 as Employees of The Chart House restaurant in Chester CT, we quickly became friends. Working exceptionally long and grueling shifts in the kitchen together, I was being trained by Mike, so we could run the kitchen together. We soon found we could be more efficient paring down the line staff from four to just the two of us. The left hand knows what the right hand is doing, we rocked!

In 1991 a sabbatical was in order and we embarked on an extended cross country trip to taste the flavors of the old “Blue Highways”. Places like Monks Grill, A.Js Oar Car Bar and Dirty Sally’s Cafe were really some of the most unique and fun “Eats” you cold hope for. We went from the east coast to the west coast to the Gulf of Mexico and back, nearly 12,000 miles of Zig Zagging around our big backyard.

We each had long careers in successful restaurants, Mike Bartending and myself as a Chef. 15 years passed and finally I opened The Villager at 13 Main St. It required a lot of love and imagination, but the people came. All your dreams may come true with juegos de tragamonedas nuevos. All the variety of modern gambling is waiting for you!

After a good run of 5 years alone at the helm I decided to sell and try to rehab another tired old gem. But I knew I belonged in Chester and I missed the old place. When the opportunity came along again, I jumped at it. This would be a bigger commitment then the first time around and would require two people, a right and left hand. Who else could I call? My trusted friend Mike.

Mike and I took possession and in less than 30 days had re outfitted, upgraded and were ready to open. And you all came and you are what make’s our villager a success.

We don’t have an extensive menu which enables us to run many daily specials, which change for breakfast and lunch. We were taught a simple philosophy “If you wouldn’t serve it to your mother don’t serve it”. Chester folks and visitors alike have many choices in town, all very good, but they come to us. We offer them something that isn’t on our menu, a warm greeting, quick smile, maybe a joke and a sincere thank you. We appreciate every one of our customers and we’re not afraid to let them know it.